We are a values based design studio that continues to focus on our mission, Design For More.

 Through authentic relationships, meaningful involvement opportunities in our community, and the continued growth in our craft, we truly believe we can Elevate the Everyday.

We're built for the creatives, innovators, progressives, leaders, thrill seekers, and the status quo challengers. The ones that believe in a growth mindset, that haven't been shown value through Architecture and Design during a an era of cultural value shifts and evolution.

Form Function Studio was created out of longing for more.


More design that improves the fabric of the cities we live in and for people that call them home. More time to develop relationships that were built on care, authenticity, and love so we connect to humans first, then our designs. More time to take chances on the “what if” opportunities rather than live with the “we wish we had” moments. More meaningful conversations in our cities about architecture, design, and the positive impact it should have. More opportunities to ask the tough questions, solve critical problems, and design beautiful solutions. More projects that confidently stood by our purpose and values.


We continue to want these “mores” simply because we believe that our cities and the people in them deserve it. No matter the client, budget, or location, everyone deserves great design. Authentic Design. Design that elevates the human spirit to feelings of hope and joy so that the new perspective in our lives can start to progress our cities and communities.


And we are called to make sure more of that happens. So here we come.

Here’s to the future.

To lean in more with our clients, friends, and the places we call home; So that we can continue to provide more where provisions may be scarce, progress more than what’s expected, and to serve more where others won’t.

Because, everyone deserves great design.